This comic is mostly about some friends, robots, fighting, and maybe even the Robot Apocalypse (hint: it’s coming). The story follows the adventures, of Robert Manning (our young, anxious AI developer and hero of sorts) and his friends as they go face to face with robots, rivals, romance, and an English bounty hunter with a fake English accent! There’s probably going to be some meaningful themes hidden in the comic too, you know, like, friendship and love or something. It’ll be nice, I promise.

– – – – –

Nick Pappas is an engineer by day and comic artist by night. He thought it would be a good idea to start making comics in order to learn how to draw/write better. Shortly after starting, he fell in love with it and has not stopped since.

Fun Fact: I plan on experimenting with the art and writing for this story, I’m really interested in getting feedback! Let me know what you think!