Hi again! Looks like I finished this page earlier than expected. Now some things to mention:

  • If you’re visiting this site because you got a business card from me or one of my friends: Welcome! I hope you enjoy seeing this comic develop! It was nice meeting you guys!
  • As we all know, Robo-Psychology is the most advance field of computer science, but more on this later…
  • Pokemon Infrared/Ultraviolet are my proposed future versions of Pokemon where there are an even 1000 Pokemon to catch.
  • ISSUE: I went back to edit the first page to make the year 20XX for referencing Mega Man X and making it seem like the future. The file’s there but WordPress isn’t cooperating yet. So, just don’t be surprised when I reference the year 20XX in the future. Everything is ok now. Let’s all just pretend nothing happened.

Anyway, the next page should be up by Friday/Saturday. See you then!