Ok! So, this is the last page of the prologue. Originally, the prologue was going to be a little longer so I could attempt to explain more about the characters and the setting and such. I ended up trimming the prologue down in favor of showing you the world they live in, as opposed to simply telling you about it. At any rate, expect to see the first page of chapter 1 on Friday so we can get this story moving. Be prepared to meet a couple new characters. Thanks for reading!

NOTE 1: Just so it’s clear (in case it wasn’t), it’s Molly’s parents that are shouting her name on this page.

NOTE 2: I uploaded a slightly larger version of the comic than the past couple of pages in hopes to improve readability. Hopefully this is better for everyone. The next challenge to take on will be to fix the colors on my monitor… I have the sneaking suspicion that what I see on my screen isn’t too close to what everyone else is seeing. Email me with input if you like.