Ok, so all that talk about having a comic ready by Friday or Saturday…um, April Fools? Ok, Sorry ’bout that. Things got really busy around here. Which reminds me: I need to make some free time to start making a “comic buffer” in case stuff like this happens again in the future. So yeah, I don’t want to keep you guys hanging if you’re expecting a comic and I can’t deliver for whatever reason (work, sick, zombie apocalypse, etc). On that note, I’m planning on starting up a deviantart account soon so I can post sketches and stuff in hopes to keep myself practicing drawing and maybe even learn something in the meantime. I intend to play with this comic’s art style over time, so the deviantart account might provide some insight as to what I may be working on.

In other news, please welcome Brian Manning to the cast. He’s the younger brother of Robert Manning, the AI developer that Molly sort of obsessed about. Brian’s a sophomore in college and a big fan of online games. He obviously knows Kevin and Jen through Rob.

Anyway, I hope you like the comic! As usual, I expect the next page to be up on Friday night. Have a good week!