OK! The past week has been particularly busy for me, more reason to start building up a comic buffer, to allow for unforeseen schedule slips. Maybe I’ll take a vacation from work sometime and do that…. But yeah! So, I’m slowly learning how to actually make comics and I think I’ve got an ok process down (it’s still super time-consuming!). I’m hoping to get some free time to actually work on making the art better (this page felt particularly rushed to me…sorry!), but it will improve in time, I’m pretty confident of that.

Actually, I just started a deviantArt account so I can post sketches and other drawing work that I do. I’m hoping that by posting my art where a bunch of people can see it, maybe I can get some pointers (or something) to help me improve. If anything, the practice alone should help.

Oh yeah, I also decided to start up a Twitter account too (I’ll do it tonight) **EDIT** It’s ready! I’m thinking this will be a better way to keep people posted of my progress towards each page’s completion (with a whole bunch of random thoughts sprinkled in there as well).

OK! Next page! Saturday! Or Else!