OH EM GEE, you guys. Someone tell Kevin to take his shoes off in the house.

Anyway, so I’m currently typing this at about 2AM, Saturday morning. I don’t have a bunch to say at the moment since I’m sort of tired. One thing’s for sure though, I think I’ve got a decent process for making the comic now, so I might put together a little how-to just to explain how I do things. I always like seeing how other artists do their work, so maybe this might be nice to do as well. At the very least, I’m hoping it will help show how my art/process/etc evolves over time. When I do get around to putting something like this together, expect it to be posted on my deviantart account (which I’ve been totally neglecting but it’s been busy *whine whine*).

Anyway, we’ll be shooting for another Tuesday release. I plan on devoting some time to practicing drawing in the meantime, so hopefully that doesn’t slow comic progress down too much. Curious how things are coming along? Keep up to date here.