Well it’s about time! Sorry for the delay, things have been crazy around here between doing some family stuff and working all week. But this leads me in to the bad (but maybe really good in disguise) news: I think I’m going to officially update the comic every Monday from now on. If I can do more I definitely will. But I’m thinking this should work out for the best since, it should allow for me to actually practice drawing (so this comic can start looking nicer!) and maybe even fix up this website (so this site can start looking nicer!).

I know it’s hard not having comics all the time, trust me, I’ve been on both sides of this, but I think its going to work out well. I mean, I’ve pretty much only been posting once a week lately anyway, so at least I’m being honest about things!

But yeah, as I keep practicing drawing, I’ll be posting stuff to my DeviantArt account. I’ll keep you up to date with all my postings and whatevers on Twitter.

Ultimately, the reason for all this is to focus on quality, not quantity (although having both is pretty neat too!).

tl;dr: There’s not enough time in the week to consistently get 2 pages out a week. Check DeviantArt and Twitter so see how things are coming along.

Thanks for reading!