OK! I’m back! Monday updates as usual should be expected from now on. This should allow me to focus more on practicing drawing and making an overall better comic. Also, you can probably expect more posts to DeviantArt too (about time!). At any rate, things have finally settled down around here, so no further comic delays are expected.

Anyway, I wanted to use this page to work on breaking away from my standard 3×3 grid comic template, this will be important later, especially for action scenes (they’re coming!). Also coming up (eventually!): some changes to how I draw the comic! Maybe it’ll be a nice change for a while (until I try out new styles/improve my own).

In completely unrelated news, Portal 2 is amazing. It builds upon the gameplay from its predecessor by implementing some new game mechanics. It’s a lot of fun and fun to play and is still has the humor of Portal. The co-op mode is a nice touch too. Check it out. [more detailed game review omitted since I am extremely tired…]

Anyway, barring any surprise posts, I’ll see you guys next Monday!