Ok, so, I’m really tired right now, but I got the page together (at last!). It’s been another busy week. Maybe I’ll update this news post a little later. But yeah, it’s seriously time for me to start really focusing on practicing drawing (I talk about it enough…). Maybe I’ll get a chance to post some sketches up on deviantart this week? I’ll keep you guys on posted on Twitter (@redrobotsuit).

Oh, and in case it’s not clear, they’re standing in front of the front door of the house in that last panel…



Ok, so now that I’ve been doing this for a little while and I think I’m getting a good feel for what needs work with the comic (hint: it’s everything), it probably time to start addressing the most important issues. The art of the comic will probably always be something I’ll be learning how to improve. I’m still learning and getting comfortable with how to do things with photoshop (I never had a ton of experience with it in the past). The art will probably always be evolving, but it’s just something that’s going to come with a lot of time and practice.

I guess the main concern I have at the moment is whether or not the pacing is ok. Having never written a story in this form before (page or so posted every week), it’s hard for me to know if I’m giving you guys enough story per page. I’ll admit, I’m currently focusing more on trying to develop the characters’ personalities enough so they can adequately carry the story. Starting stories has always been difficult for me, partly because I already know my characters, but I need to show you who they are somehow. Sorry for the insecurities, I have a lot planned for this story, so you can look forward to (hopefully!) good things!

Feel free to email me about things that might need to be fixed or worked on or maybe just to say hi. I’m mostly pretty friendly, but I’m not always diligent about responding to email (but I will respond!). At any rate, I’m making this comic so I can improve as an artist (and writer), and maybe even tell a good story.

Anyway, making this comic has been a fun and challenging experience so far. Thanks for reading! (Tell your friends about it!)