It’s that time of week again! For whatever reason, this page took me a long time to draw. Maybe it’s because I’m still learning things, maybe it’s just me getting distracted by the internet…. So yeah! They got Rob outside finally. So it seems the comic will be starting to pick up the pace.

So, I’ve been thinking of keeping a record of how my comic creation process evolves in time as I learn how to do things and discover what works best for me.I like to read about how other people make comics, so maybe you guys might find it interesting too. That being said, the one main thing I did different for this page was that I drew it all at 300ppi. I have been working at 600ppi (oh my!) which, for the sake of this comic, is sort of appearing to a tremendous waste of system resources (my computer’s fine with it though). If I can get the same results at 300ppi, I’ll do it just to be more efficient.

Other things I figure I should mention:

  • The wall of text in panel 5 may be a little bit for giving some backstory, but it is mostly for effect.
  • Take a look at Jen breaking the fourth wall and blatantly reading her lines in panel 4. Let’s say I meant to¬† draw it like that…

Anyway, enjoy the comic and I will see you guys next week (assuming the world doesn’t end on the 21st)!