Surprise! New post…sort of. This is the same page 10 that you saw last Monday (sort of), what’s the deal?

Well! I’m sitting around being too exhausted from not getting enough sleep* this week and I thought to myself, “Maybe I should start drawing Monday’s comic since I’m actually home.” Of course, I was too tired for that, so I decided to look into correcting the coloring problems that have been seriously bugging me with the comic. My options include, but may not be limited to: recalibrating my displays (not sure if I’ll fix it well enough on my own), buy a tool to help me calibrate my displays (a little pricey and not immediate enough), or play with the image adjustments in Photoshop (maybe the most fun and easiest of these options).

So that’s what I did, I played with the hue/saturation levels in order to hopefully recreate for you guys what I actually get to see on my Cintiq. So, why am I reposting the same page? That’s where YOU come in!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: compare the two versions of page 10 and let me know which looks better to you on your display (because I can’t see what it looks like on your computer). So yeah, email/comment/carrier pigeon your opinion to me so I can get better at making better comics for you!

Anyway, expect the next page sometime on Monday, probably by midday. Long weekend plans + being really tired may slow down the process a little.


*NOTE: For reference, I probably only get 6 hours of sleep a night during the week and intend on getting more to recover over the weekend. That didn’t really happen last weekend. Oh well…