Oh hi! Here’s another page!

So yeah, welcome (sort of) to The Olive Pit, a local coffee shop (and so much more!) that will end up being a pretty neat recurring location in the comic. I realize it’s a little cliche to use a coffee shop as a setting, but I think you’ll find I’ve put my own spin on it. See, The Olive Pit is a Greek-themed¬† coffee shop that sports Ionic columns, Greek flags, and even a small amphitheater (not yet shown) for local bands to play. For some history, in the years prior to the beginning of this story, there was a short-lived Greek revival period that took place. Upon ending, the prior business left and made room for a local businessman to create The Olive Pit, in hopes of reigniting the local music scene.¬† I’ll introduce all these details and more as the story progresses. Look forward to it!

As for the pink-haired girl, that’s Raine. She’s not normally like this, but you’ll learn a little more about her next week. As for Rob and the gang, I know this is sort of Kevin’s fault for literally dragging Rob out the door, but Rob sort of gave up and left a little too easily here. Don’t give up, Rob! Where’s your fighting spirit?! There’s cookies at stake here! COOKIES!

Anyway, I think that’s all I’ve got for today. See you next Monday!