First of all: OH. MAN. I did something a little different with the art this time. I’ve been slowly developing a new style for the comic, something that I hope will reflect the way I draw on paper. The coloring is really what changed the most here, since I’m trying to go for a more painted feel. Here’s a sample of my coloring practice that I made last week: Hopefully you like it, since I really want to experiment with this style and see where I can take it. I was going to wait until Chapter 2 to roll out the new style, but I got excited and couldn’t wait….

Oh, and as much as I like working with this coloring style, it takes me FOREVER to color a page. I’m going to have to learn how to work smarter. In time…

Ok, I’m exhausted. Maybe I’ll write more later or maybe even post a sketch(!) sometime this week. Keep informed by checking out my Twitter account.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the direction the comic’s art is taking. As always, feel free to write to me or even just leave a comment. I promise I’ll respond (in as timely as a manner as I can manage!).

Have a good week!