Oh man… so tired… I’ll write something here later….

For now: I like how things are starting to look (need to work on colors for the internet I guess?), but it’s seriously taking FOREVER to color like this. Minor setbacks… anyway…


I may edit this page a bit to add some minor touch-ups, but as for now: now = bedtime


Ok, so I was actually sort of afraid I wasn’t going to get this page finished in time. Between forgetting to save some of my work from Friday (and subsequently losing it…), slowly trying to perfect the new coloring style, and also spend time with my family and such (Father’s Day and all, you know?), I wasn’t really working with a lot of time. I think it turned out pretty ok for a page that felt really rushed (to me).

For those of you who took a look at the comic earlier, you may notice that I added shadow in panel three to make it look like something is approaching/blocking the sun. I also fixed on of Raine’s eyes and then added (a probably imperceptible) amount of shading to random places.

Oh yeah… FUN FACT: I didn’t use the paint bucket (fill) tool anywhere on this page (or on the last one for that matter) with the exception of making the spaces between the panels (the gutters, if you will) white. I really enjoy painting the whole page with my tablet; it feels somewhat rewarding to see a page slowly come together.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a good week!

*** EDIT ***

Curses!! It was pointed out that Raine is saying both things in panel five… Thanks, Dan…

ALSO! I sort of couldn’t help bu make the bottom tier one big panel to show off The Olive Pit. I think it would be a cool place and I really wanted to show you guys.