It seems like things are starting to starting to happen, huh? A lot to say about this page…

First of all, I had a minor panic attack when about two thirds through drawing the page, I realized that I was using the wrong brush settings. Basically, the linework was sort of transparent/gray as to give the impression of a pencil sketch. Normally, I think that’s a neat effect…for my sketches; the way I’m coloring the pages looks a little weird with gray lines. After a couple minutes of “ohmygodohmygod” and worrying that I would need to redraw most of the page, I finally realized that I could just duplicate my lineart layers a couple times and then flatten them to make them black. There’s probably a smarter way to do this, but hey, can argue with results).

Also, I’m taking suggestions for sound effects fonts (and fonts in general). I’m familiar with Blambot and they seem to have a bunch of pretty neat ones. In fact, I’m actually using two of their fonts on this page (Hometown Hero and Disposable Droid). Ideally, I would love to hand-letter my comics to make them a bit more organic. Sadly, I’m not convinced my handwriting is, you know, legible. And on a side note: I have a lot of respect for font-designers. It’s something that seems to¬† take a ton of careful work and risks getting completely unnoticed. Good job you guys!

Also, drawing cars is a total pain in the butt, so pleas enjoy my version of what a car looks like. If it helps, we can just pretend that in the future, cars were designed to look strange and with complete disregard for perspective in order to dissuade people from driving, you know, to reduce air pollution…. I’ll get better at drawing cars, I promise!

Finally, why is machine gun toting mechanical bird attacking Rob? More specifically, why a bird? I’ll admit, the bird-copter design was sort of a cute/amusing idea I accidentally came up with one day. I was looking for a somewhat spherical flying robot to play the part as the attacker on this page and somehow a bird happened. I like birds. Some people have pointed out that a lot of my sketches turn into birds. I dunno, that’s all I’ve got on that.

Oh and before I forget, I thought I should mention that I saved this file as a JPEG (as opposed to a GIF) since they seems to handle my colors a little better (less spotty in places). Let me know what you think and/or if this is a problem for you guys.

Anyway, I’m gonna call it a night. I need to be up bright and early tomorrow (well, today…).