Alright! So, with any luck, this comic got posted around 1am on July 4th. If it got posted early, enjoy the new comic! If it didn’t get posted at all, well, I guess writing this sentence wouldn’t make sense. As you may be able to tell, I’m testing out scheduled posts with WordPress. It’ll be good to know if it works should I ever get start making a backlog of comics to post.

Anyway! I was pretty pleased with the the way the last page turned out, and I hope you were too. I hope this page’s quality is at least equally as good. I only mention this since I was working on learning how to save time on drawing the comic. I’m not sure if it’s even noticeable, but the first panel was drawn using my usual ink/sketch style while the rest of the comic was done with that “mistake” sketch/cleanup style I used on page 15. I made panels 1 and two basically the same for comparison purposes (that’s right, I didn’t just cut and paste anything).

Anyway, I really had to make this page early, since I’ll be away from my computer all weekend. Fortunately, I had the day off. Yeah, so I got to celebrate most of Canada Day (ok, about 6-7 hours of it) making a comic for you guys (and for me too, technically. I enjoy it!).

Finally, happy 4th of July, fellow Americans!

Ok, finally for real: Maybe I’ll get some sketching done on paper (I KNOW!) this weekend. If I come up with anything interesting, I’ll post it for you guys.