Grumble… I wrote a nice news post for you guys to read but something happened and WordPress lost it… oh well…

I’m too tired to rewrite it so here are the main points:

  • First time using the gradient tool in the comic. Woo! (EDIT: I remembered after posting this comic that the title banner uses the gradient tool).
  • I’m going to start learning how to improve my dialogue writing skills (I’m never really had to do it before I started writing this comic)
  • The battle with the somewhat out-of-place assault bird robot is actually taking place in a parking lot. I was forgetful and neglected to draw the parking lines. I made a joke about this in the original post, but I’m too tired to retype it. You can direct your collective joke-deprived rage at WordPress. Or me I guess. I’ll just pretend it’s fanmail or something(?).
  • I’m considering posting very short comicky things on Thursdays if I can ever find the time. These things may or may not have anything to do with this story (Robot Rumba). Though it might be a good idea to keep that stuff on DeviantArt, but then again, keeping things hereĀ  should make it easier for you guys so you don’t have to go looking for it. Thoughts?

Ok, it’s way past my mostly-fictional bedtime, so… Enjoy the comic!


Ok, so, for the sake of continuity, I’m thinking that I’ll just post all my extra and bonus-material things on DeviantArt for now. I’ll tweet something about it when I post stuff like that. In fact, I just posted my concept art for the Birdcopter here.