Oh man! Sorry for the somewhat late update (although it’s still Monday, so I’m gonna say that’s ok!). But seriously, last week was CRAZY. Poor sleep habits + busy week = an exhausted Nick. I slept over 12 hours on Saturday, which is unheard of for me, but I guess I needed it.

Anyway! I think I like this page. It was a bunch of fun to draw, so I hope you like it.

Some things about this page: That gray thing in panel 2 is the Birdcopter’s propeller, in case it wasn’t obvious. Also, that’s fire on Kevin’s shoulder…. I was going to have Jen trying to put it out, but it started to look more like she was just warming herself, which looked funnier to me, so I just stuck with it.

Anyway, sorry again for the delay; this week should be a little nicer to me I think, so usual ~1am Monday post next time. As always, keep an eye on my twitter account (@redrobotsuit) for comic status and other things.