Finally! Thanks for the patience, you guys. It seems all sorts of life-y things popped up to prevent this page from being made (the nerve!). I didn’t really have much time to draw, so this one came out a little rushed. On the plus side, maybe I learned something about time management? Maybe…

Anyway! Please welcome to the cast, Billy Gaines: (self-proclaimed) Boy Genius! Billy’s mom has hired Rob to tutor her son in math and science to make sure that he is the smartest kid in the class. She’s one of those that needs her kids to be the best. Fortunately, Billy’s pretty smart kid, in fact he’s already got Rob to teach him a bit of calculus…at 8 years old. He’s driven by the desire to design awesome robots, probably to have exciting robot fights. More on him later though.

On a related note, I just realized that Bill Gaines was a publisher and co-editor of EC comics back in the day (thanks, Wikipedia!). Despite having taken a course on the history of comics before (I know! It’s pretty great), this is a name I apparently didn’t remember (sorry, Bill…). Maybe his name was floating around in my memory somewhere, but I can assure you that when I started to design characters, I really liked BG for “boy genius” so I went with it.

What else? Oh yeah, so I’m going to leave that Captain America fanart scribble where it is for now. Maybe I’ll find a better place for it.

Oh! And finally: I haven’t really done a great job about promoting this site since I sort of wanted to wait until I had enough material for people to get started with. It seems to me that that might actually be the case now, so I’m going to try a little harder to get my name out there. You can help too! You should mention this comic to people! Friends, relatives, strangers, why not? If more people are reading this comic, then hopefully I can get more and more feedback which will hopefully translate to better comics, sooner! (I really hope it works that way…).

Ok! Until next time! Enjoy!


p.s.: I really think Billy should be saying something in panel, like “Hey, ladies” or something? If you have any suggestions, let me know, maybe I’ll get around to adding it.