Hey look, another page!

I just wanted to throw it out there that this page was incredibly difficult for me to think of anything interesting to attempt visually. Like, it took the greater part of last week to think of roughly how to plan it out (granted, it was a super-busy week, but excuses excuses, right?).

But yeah, basically I wanted to use this page to show some character relationships. In case it wasn’t totally clear, here’s a summary:

  • Billy really looks up to Rob and wants to be just like him. I admit, exactly why he looks up to Rob is unclear, since I haven’t given you all the details of Rob’s past. We’ll get to that; I didn’t think that dumping a ton of backstory on you guys so early on was a good idea.
  • Rob actually likes teaching Billy, since Billy’s actually a pretty smart kid and maybe too energetic. Maybe he sees Billy as a younger version of himself, I dunno, we’ll have to find out or something (keep reading!).
  • I tried to show that Kevin likes how Billy responds to Rob in panel 5, mostly since Kevin supports the whole action/fighty thing.
  • I also tried to show Kevin looking disapprovingly at Rob in panel 4. He doesn’t like to see Rob hung up on something on his past.

What else…? Oh, I kind of liked drawing panel 4 mostly for the mood and what (I hope) it says about the characters at this point in time.

Ok! I need to get some sleep, so… Enjoy the comic and I’ll see you next week!