guh… so tired…. here’s the comic… gonna go pass out now…

oh, couple things 1st:

  1. the word in the last panel is “barefooted” not “Barefoot Ed, ” i don’t know who that is. i can fix it if it looks too weird.
  2. jen is saying “aww, (etc)” in panel 4.  i’m not sure it looks that way.
  3. um, there was another thing i think, but i’m too tired to remember right now

enjoy the comic! more news-posty stuff when i’m more awake (maybe)

*** EDIT (8/18/2011) ***

Ok, so I’ve got some important news to share. Brace yourselves…

So, I’ve been working on this little comic project for basically 6 months now (I can’t believe it!). In the 27 pages of story that I’ve posted here, I think it’s pretty clear that I made a little progress, from learning how my tablet/photoshop works, to beginning to really begin to understand how comics work (and only just scratching the surface, reading them and reading about then can only take me so far, I need the experience).

For my very first-ever story AND first real attempt at a comic, I think things have progressed pretty ok so far. However, I REALLY want to get better at this, so I’ve been thinking a lot and came up with what is hopefully a good idea, but I wanted to run it by you guys first.


Since Chapter 1 will be wrapping up soon, I was thinking that I could take maybe 2-3 weeks to work exclusively on tightening up the story/writing since I think that might be what needs the most work at this point. There’s been a lot of corrections I’ve wanted to make to the writing and writing style, but it’s kind of hard for me to fix that mid-scene. So! I wanted to try my hand at fixing the upcoming story so it can be more enjoyable to read (and to write!).

Not to fear though, I will continue to post things in the meantime, I haven’t worked out the details yet (maybe a short story if I’m feeling particularly ambitious). When the time comes for Robot Rumba to continue, I hope we will all see a better overall comic.

Let me know what you guys think of this, your opinions are important to me. I know I’m not a writer, but I’m trying to become one (and an artist) through this comic.

tl;dr Version:

I’m unhappy with the quality of my writing, so I’m going to take a quick “break” after Chapter 1 to work on my writing so I can make a better comic for us. (Don’t worry, I’ll still post stuff in the meantime!).


Let me know what you think! More on this next week!