So, this is it guys, Chapter 1: Complete.

I’ve been looking through all of the comic pages so far to see what kind of artistic progress (if any) I’ve made. Just on the surface (I’ll save the serious analysis for a later time), I think that I’ve managed to improve my drawing/coloring a little. A lot of that improvement comes from just spending a lot of time working with my tablet and Photoshop to actually learn these tools and become comfortable with them. Personally, I think I’m happy with how things have been coming along. It’s only been thirty pages, but I think I’m starting to figure out how to do this comic thing.

Again, I’ll mention that I’ll be taking a “sabbatical” of sorts so I can spend time improving the writing of the comic. And again, I’ll remind you that I’ll continue to post comic stuff in the meantime. The current plan is that I’ll post the first page of Chapter 2 next Monday, break from the story for up to two to three weeks, and then continue from there. It’s all so I can learn how to improve my drawing and storytelling.

ANYWAY! About this page… That’s supposed to be a Corgi (I like them a lot). The guy walking it? I don’t know who that is.

Also! Sorry about the delay. Between work and spending time with my brother before we shipped him back off to school, I sort of didn’t allocate enough time for drawing. Won’t happen again. I promise.

Ok, well, happy Labor Day, people. I’ll see you next week!