Oh no! what happened to all the color! And the page size! Well, I’ve been meaning to try working in black and white for a while, so I figured “why not experiment with the comic?” And here we are.

Truth be told, working is black and white (or pick your favorite two colors, pretty sure it’s the same idea) is downright terrifying for me. You have all this positive and negative space to think about and all of a sudden, specific colors seem to lose meaning (what color is Kevin’s hair?! Oh no!). In the end, I think I’m pretty happy with how things turned out, this being my first time working like this and all.

So yeah, I don’t think this is a permanent change in style, although I really want to work on it for the future. Let me know what you think, who knows? Maybe I’m onto something here.

Good news!: I think it’s time to continue this plot! Chapter 2 cover page should be done for next week! Get ready! I’ve got it all planned out, now I have to work out the specifics of dialogue and layout and such. I’m thinking Chapter 2 should be a lot better now that I sort of have a much better idea about how all this making comics stuff works.

Stay tuned! Soon you’ll get to find out what has happened while our heroes were out!



(oh, I may touch up this page a little, later in the week…just sayin’)