First, let me start by telling you that the field of cybernetic baristechnology is going to get big in a couple years, just so you can plan for a huge revolution in the hot caffeinated beverage industry. By the way, I’ll get you started on the lingo too: the word “baristechnology” is commonly shortened to “baristech” since is sounds more like “barista,” the word it’s derived from).

Working in this style has been fun for me so far, although I will admit to having a bit of difficulty getting all those gray dots patterns to come out right. But that’s why I’m doing this! To experiment and learn things and maybe even get better at this comic thing!

Oh yeah, you might have noticed that the my site is slowly evolving. I’m finally getting around to trying to make it look really nice. Problem is: I really don’t know a whole lot about web design (despite having programming experience AND considering how much time I’ve spent on the internet in the past). We’ll see what happens…

Anyway, work got really busy again, and my brother’s graduating next week so things are going to be pretty crazy around here, but I’ll try and have comics coming out on a semi-regular basis. That being said, I have two more pages planned for the intermission and then we’ll get started with chapter 3!