Yes, I’m still alive…mostly. The past two weeks have been especially crazy for me. By combining what seems like insomnia with long hours at work and then a bunch of errands to tend to, I’ve been too worn out to do my best with the comic. But here it is, at long last!

You may noticed that I skipped added textures this time. This is mostly because all the textured I have at the moment are pretty gritty and don’t seem very appropriate in this setting (at least, that’s just my opinion).

Another thing you may have noticed is that the inside of the house is a little different. That’s kind of a result of not liking the original layout of the house, as well as wanting to try some things now that I have a better (maybe?) idea of what I’m doing. Oh and: thanks Mom and Dad for “letting” me copy our house a little bit for the comic!

Anyway, I’ll be going to New York Comic Con this Saturday, so that’ll be pretty neat. This means that there’s probably going to be another delay in the comic (I know! I’m sorry!); however, I’m thinking of trying something totally drastic and potentially terrible as an experiment for the next page. If it works and/or if I like how it turns out, it will be the next official page, if not… well, you’ll get something soon enough. I promise!

I’ll keep you posted about the status of the comic through out the weekend (probably via Twitter), just so you know what to expect.

So yeah, thanks for your patience. Hopefully this was worth the wait. The next time I get some semblance of a vacation, I’m going to try and get ahead and create a backlog of comics so this sort of delay doesn’t happen again.