Hey look! I’m back! And so is the texture, but it’s a little too light to really notice this time. It’s a learning process (but so far, so is everything else it seems).

But yeah, so I think/hope I’ve been doing enough character development for now and I’m trying to work in some more pages that give you more than just some people standing around talking about things (there are, in fact, other ways to develop characters after all). Things will start happening soon, I hope you’re ready.

Anyway, I’m leaving for Houston tomorrow (for the whole weekend!) and probably won’t be able to work on much comic stuff, but I’ll try and maybe sketch something for you guys. That being said, my schedule’s going to start getting a lot more normal after this, so after I play a little catch-up with the comic, we should be back on the regular Monday schedule (hurrah!).



Oh, and Brian’s guild name this time is named after Bachman-Turner Overdrive (obviously), since he is Taking Care of Business.