Well! I’m back! AND I have a comic for you!

In case you’re wondering about the unexplained comic hiatus, work has been keeping me busy and bout of insomnia’s been keeping me worn out. But things are getting better. I’m even going to take all of next week off, so I hope to learn/practice some more drawing stuff and get more work done on the comic.

Anyway, since this page kind of came together under a bit of exhaustion, I’m not super pleased with it (I am reminded that I need to actually study anatomy…). But yeah, so Rob slept for two days and whats the first thing he wants when he wakes up? That’s right, M&M Cereal. Remember, guys, this comic takes place a little bit into the future. In the future, the is an M&M’s cereal and if I live to see that day, it may be the only thing I eat. (actually I’m not sure if this would be really gross, but I hope someone important reads this and makes this possible so I can try it out).

Oh and just to be clear, Brian is lying. He just doesn’t feel like helping out around the house, and he especially doesn’t feel like explaining why he’s home. Rob’s tired and agreeable enough to just go along with this.

Anyway, thanks for your patience! I’ll be back with more comics soon!