Hey, look! A new page with some new (subtle!) changes to the art!

I’ve been playing with the line width a little bit to see if that will allow me to add more detail to the art. For this page, I used and even finer brush than what I normally use. Ultimately, I think I should probably be varying the width of my line art as necessary; it’s going to take some more practice, but I’ll get it.

Also, you may have noticed that I”m using different word balloons on this page. I’m not sure how much I like them, but I figure I’d try them out to see what people think.

In other news, I’m on vacation from work this week. Although that should probably mean that I should use this opportunity to get ahead with the comic (with I will try to do), I’m actually going to try and learn some digital painting this week (oh and practice some anatomy, perhaps). This, as you already know, will require a tremendous amount of willpower since Skyrim constantly wants me to play it.

Oh and finally (I probably should have put this first?), it looks like Rob’s got a visitor! More excitement next week? We’ll see!


…oh and can we ignore the magically disappearing chairs? They were looking terrible so I got rid of them. If it’s a problem I’ll put them back. *Adds chairs to list of things to practice drawing*