Man, action scenes are a lot of work, but really fun. I’ll admit. I was 80% done with this page and I was ready to scrap it and start again. I think I pulled it together though. At any rate, I guess Rob’s having a little trouble against this oddly accented robot.

In other news: I have a lot of things in store for the near future of this comic! For one, I’ll actually put together a links page for this site so you can see all the comics that I like and may have inspired me to get into comics myself.

Also! I’m planning on starting a Tumblr soon so I can post all sorts of doodles and concept work that may or may not pertain to the comic. If I can manage it the way I currently envision it, I’ll try to post super frequently, perhaps every other day!

Um, there may have been more things to say, but I always wait until the last minute to write these news posts that I never really have a lot of good things to say. Oh, I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve been working on this comic pretty much all day (ok, since 3pm but still…)

Anyway, enjoy the comic! Until next time!