“What’s the hold-up?!” is the phrase that I assume people must have been wondering. Holidays, headaches, and getting sick kind of disrupted my posting schedule, but here it is! The next page of Rob’s oh wait now we’re somewhere else. What’s the deal?

We’re switching focus for a bit in order to give Rob sometime to come up with a plan, but also so we can see what out good friends Kevin and Jen Collins (oh looks she has a last name now…I need to update the cast page now) are up to. For the record, I’ve settled on the surname of “King” for Kevin, thus allowing the last panel to make a little more sense. (Just so you know, I usually don’t make names that are direct references to anyone in particular, when I do, I tend to draw attention to it. Also I do some “light research” (i.e. quick Google/Wikipedia search) to make sure I’m not accidentally using any names that might already be too famous and I just don’t know about it or whatever).

As I’ll probably say hundreds of more times: coming up with good names is probably one of the hardest things I can think of as far as writing is concerned. For example , if you start writing yourself into a hole and you need an easy (read: lazy) way out of editing, you can always use a deus ex machina and maybe you can get lucky and your story will be exciting or hilarious for it. If you can’t think of a good name for one of your characters, well… I can only think of stupid ways out, like using (hopefully) cool nicknames or maybe even have the character deny their stupid name but be too put off to bother correct the error. Look, I’m not good at this naming thing, let’s move on.

Anyway, welcome to Oscar’s apartment, somewhere in the city near Rob’s house (it’s probably Boston or the surrounding area, but it’s not really an important detail yet). Oscar, you’ll find out at some point, went to college with Rob, Kev, and Jen. For now, it’s probably only worth mentioning that he’s an engineer and is currently working as one, for a company outside of the city. The apartment he’s living in, while lacking a good deal of fashion sense (much to Jen’s chagrin), is both affordable and provides easy access to his work via public transportation. (As a side note, but this will be explored later: Jen went to school for a type of fashion/design type thing. Her outfits probably don’t reflect this as I am still largely uneducated in this area (but I hope I’ll learn something by doing all this drawing!)).

Anyway, as you’re probably tired of reading all this, I just wanted to call your attention to the couple of robots that are performing cleaning tasks on this page. There’s probably a good reason why I neglected to include things like this in/around Rob’s house. More on this later.

FINALLY: Check out the buttons and Links page I added to the site!

Ok, that is all. Next page by the middle of next week.