Meet Oscar. He’s pretty reserved, intelligent, and has a penchant for difficult video games, specifically, fighting and action games. The game he’s playing now?: “Steven Robot Fights all the Monsters in Space 3.” It is the most difficult action/fighting game to currently in production (sadly, since we’re talking about the future, this game has yet to be thought up for us). Despite its incredible difficulty (the game’s lowest difficulty is “Impossible”), it has developed quite the fan-base since it has a great sense of humor and it generally a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Ok, now time for serious stuff…

This page took me forever partly because of my schedule, but mostly because I’ve been really frustrated with my art recently. As a result, it’s been pretty hard to finish this page since I spend hours staring at it as I’m drawing/coloring it (thus being constantly reminded of where my art is now).

But everything its still pretty good. I look back at where I started and I think I see some noticeable improvement, so that makes me feel pretty good. It’s tough because I’ve seen a lot of amazing art out there by people who I really look up to (you can find some stuff through my links page), and it really motivates me to do better. I figure as long as I keep practicing and putting a lot of effort into this stuff, I’ll improve (that’s why I’m doing this comic after all); it’s just a little stressful knowing how much time that could take.


I’m going to start practicing drawing in black and white. I’m hoping it will allow me to complete pages more frequently (plus, it’s something else I need to work on). Frequent updates a re really important to me since there’s a lot of story to tell here and we’re only still at the beginning. But as always, I don’t want to sacrifice, quality for quantity, but expect some changes in the future. (Oh! and as always, feel free to email me or leave comments regarding anything about the comic (or anything for that matter. I think I’m probably friendly enough, albeit slow to answer email sometimes…)).

Anyway, next page soon?!