Quiz Time!
Q: What’s different about this page?
A: You were lazy about the details in the background? (Eh, close, but really it’s because…)

…I drew this comic on paper!

That’s right, folks, real live paper. I was away from my computer for a bit this weekend, but I still wanted to get work done on the next page. I used a pencil and ruler and everything! I scanned my linework into Photoshop and “inked” over it and then added colors and stuff (that’s why it basically looks the same as usual).

But so what, right? I should be making more comics rather than tell you about how I make them, right? (Wrong, actually). The fact that I did the linework on paper means that I am now able to work on this comic wherever I can bring my sketchbook. The reason I never did this before is because my scanner is/was possessed and does everything in its power to make scanning a terrible experience. For whatever reason, my scanner now chooses to play nice with my computer, so long as Photoshop is what’s commanding it.

So, what did I learn from this experience? Probably most importantly: I gained a TON of respect for the people who do all their art on paper (especially inking!). Working on the computer is a lot more forgiving than paper can be (ctrl+z is pretty much my best friend now or something).

I also learned that I’m probably going to need to come up with some sort of page template to keep my panels in the “right” places (ooo! or just get more freeform with the page layout!). It may not look it, but I had to digitally cut up and resize my page in order to make it look like things normally do.

One last order of business: I’m going to actually try to promote the comic for real now (like, I’ve been saying for a while…). Here’s where you come in! Tell people about this thing! This whole comic project is about me trying to tell a good/entertaining/etc story all while learning how to draw and write stories in this format! I actually really enjoy doing this and would want to share this with people. Maybe other people can enjoy it too! So spread the word, because by the end of this chapter, well, something’s coming up soon, so now might be a good time for people to get started with this comic! Thanks in advance for your help!

Anyway, I’m tired. Enjoy the page and I’ll see you guys soon!