Comic Process Stuff:

Once again, I found myself far away from my computer for way too long, so I resorted to drawing the comic on paper again and inking it digitally. It turns out I still like drawing in pencil better than on the tablet, but I don’t trust my self enough with actual ink yet, so I’ll stick with Photoshop and my Cintiq for that part.

Also, this weekend was incredibly busy for a number of reasons, so I simplified my coloring method for this page. For the first time in ages, I used the Paint Bucket tool to fill regions with specific colors (as opposed to my usual method of coloring with “paint” and/or “markers”). I think it came out pretty ok, considering, but I’d appreciate your thoughts on the matter. I liked doing it this way since it dramatically reduced my coloring time, while appearing to match the results.

Story Stuff:

So, despite Rob, Kevin, and Oscar all having gone to school for engineering together, it was their mutual love of snacks that initiated their friendship; I hope this page makes that clear. Since we’re on the topic, “Honey Badger” brand snacks sounds like a great idea for a snack cookie or something. People generally think they’re awesome, and the snack itself can be flavored with real honey*.

For those who are interested, the design of Oscar’s shirt is, in fact, related to the picture on the wall (panel 3). He had a sponsorship for some time in college from this company [name pending as I continue to think of something that isn’t already taken…] for his gaming abilities. In fact that’s how he paid for a portion of his tuition. I won’t go too much into detail now, as this will probably come up in the future.


I probably have more to say, but I’m moderately tired and should probably go to bed since I have work tomorrow…



*NOTE: for those of you who are reading this comic as an actual account of the future (which you should since it’s all true), bees have not gone extinct by this point. Someone discovered how to play some tricks with genetics to keep them happy and alive. Thank you, science!