Comic Process Stuff:

Um, so I decided that it would be a good idea to make one big panel and it took a little more work than I had imagined. That being said, that work didn’t help my tendency to draw things too small on the page (yeah, this was sketched on paper again). Normally, when I do the initial sketch directly on my tablet, I get a better sense of what the size of the final drawings will look like. I tried to fix it the best I could, but I still think it came out a little funny…

Story Stuff:

Oh look, Molly’s back! Perfect timing, I guess? Anyway, she would prefer to not get involved with physical conflicts. They’re just not her style.

As for Rob, he like to go out of his way to make bad jokes/puns. It’s just sort of who he is and we should respect his right to do so. FUN FACT: Rob’s brother, Brian, enjoys bad puns as well, and occasionally puts them to good use as guild/team names for video games.


I’m in the middle of working out a new schedule of sorts (for how I use my time every week) in order to be more efficient about things, but especially get more drawing done every week. Oh, also especially, this could mean more sleep for me too. That might be nice… Speaking of which, its probably time for bed, since I have a long day tomorrow (er, today at this point…).

Oh and Soul Calibur V is coming out! I’m cautiously optimistic about it… I’m looking forward to the new and improved character creation mode as well as the new fighters (specifically Viola), I don’t think it will be the same with out Talim… Oh what am I going to do…?

Time for bed. Right. Ok, enjoy!