So, for those who may have missed it, I fell victim to what I understand to be some sort of driver conflict nightmare. Out of nowhere, my Cintiq’s stylus gave up on me, leaving me stranded and so close to finishing this page. I thought it would be a good idea to update my tablet drivers, can’t hurt I guess. Then Photoshop stopped working. It was already 10PM at this point, I was getting tired and desperate. What was going to happen to our beloved Robot Rumba?!

Anyway, long story short: I was about to reformat my computer after work today since I thought I was out of options (and too tired from barely sleeping to think of better ones) when suddenly my brother gave me the idea of using a system restore point. I didn’t even consider it since they aren’t something I ever use or even bother to schedule (yeah, I live life on the edge. I know).

Fortunately, due to some random Windows update, a restore point was set on the 10th (GOOD ENOUGH). Miraculously, this worked (I’m still having some issues, like the touch pads on my tablet still don’t work, and more importantly I briefly lost my place in Homestuck).

I posted an goofy filler thing yesterday to explain my plight, but I’m probably going to take it down and maybe put it somewhere else, you know: mostly for the memories, but also since it breaks the flow of the story in a bad way.



PS: For you critical comic readers out there: Yeah, I know I probably need a nice panel showing the Boxer robot tumbling across the yard. But I didn’t. OH WELL.

PPS: Speaking of tumbling… I’ve decided to start up a Tumblr account for real now. You know, once I’m sure I have this lousy computer situation straightened out.