Way too tired to say much right now… maybe I’ll update this later…

Anyway, a couple things to say about this page. First of all is it weird when characters in one panel point to people/things that are supposed to be off-panel but are really in the right direction on the page? (Way too tied to word that more clearly, so check out Brian in panel 5). I think it’s a neat, although slightly awkward, construction. I promise I won’t do that too much (maybe).

The second thing is that, in panel 6, it was totally necessary to bring back the crappy gradient effect I used in the title banner. In fact, I recreated the whole thing (minus the sweatshirt, thanks to some story editing a while ago). But yeah! This is the scene I had in mind when I made that banner! Oh man! Your comics experience doesn’t get more fulfilling than this (um, it will, actually, I promise)!

Ok enough of that. It’s bedtime. Enjoy the comic!

PS – debating switching to a Thursday update schedule… just sayin’