Despite all my efforts, the universe seems intent on preventing me from creating comics all the time and maintaining a reliable schedule. That being said, here’s another page, and an important one too since it gives us an idea of the world these people live in…

Story Stuff:

So yeah, there’s apparently some restrictions as to what kinds of robots are allowed in certain areas. While there are currently (as of this point in in time in the world of this comic (our future, remember?)) no truly intelligent robots capering about the cities and countryside, many politicians sought to place restrictions on the rights of robots and their ilk to prevent from potential, yet only speculated, disasters. (I’m thinking of writing and illustrating a little history primer to explain the development of AI and its sociopolitical impact on the world of this comic).

So, you’re probably wondering: “Whoa, I thought you were making this Molly person out to be some kind of crazy robot-loving (gross, no not like that) person. Why wouldn’t she be aware of these restrictions?” To which I would probably answer: “Oh she’s aware of them, alright. But few places have actually enforced any of these restrictions yet. Massachusetts (that’s where they are right now, remember?) was an early adopter of these laws etc since it is one of the main locations of advanced robotics research.”

Anyway, I’m tired of typing about this so, We’ll have to wait until next time, or for me to getting around to making that history primer….

Comic Process Stuff:

So, I’m not sure if it made a difference to you guys, but I started digitally inking the comic at twice the size of what I normally do, in hopes to help clean up my lines (thanks to Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content for posting a little about how he works, which gave me the idea to work bigger). Anyway, If you can’t notice anything, that’s fine since I still have more experimenting to do, but rest assured: working at twice the size basically doubled my pages’ file size’ and dramatically increased the time it take to save (which leaves me a feeling anxious, because it feels like begging Photoshop to crash midway through).


OK! So I started a Tumblr account recently where I plan on posting sketches, concept art, and other things (maybe even mini-comics if I can find the time!). This is a super good thing for you guys, since it will give you something else to look at in between updates! (It’s good for me too since it allows me more reasons to practice and post art). Check it out!

There’s a lot more I want to say about the future of Robot Rumba right now, but I’ve honestly been typing this thing for too long now. We’ll just have to wait until next time!