(Ok, I’m up at what a lot of people consider late and I need to get up early tomorrow, so I’ll make this quick…)

Once again I resort to my cuteform characters in the last panel. They are just so much fun to draw! Sometimes, I really just want to draw everything in a cute style, because it’s enjoyable, but also because it feels easier to exaggerate expressions that way and therefore transfer emotion to the readers (that’s you guys (ok, and me too when I read my stuff)).

Ok, what else, I’m running out of time… Oh yeah, keep an eye on my Tumblr account (there’s a button on the left) since I’ll be posting things there on a fairly regular basis.

OH YEAH: So I guess this is about the time of the 1 Year Anniversary of Robot Rumba! I’m so happy I stuck with it all this time. It’s been a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. So, here’s to more comics and me getting better at making them!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy!