Well that took longer than expected! This week was especially busy for me, so deciding to completely redesign one of these characters (the funky glasses one) at the last minute really didn’t help getting this page finished. Oh right…

Story Stuff:

Hey look, we’re somewhere else now! It looks like we have discovered who is responsible for sending that boxer robot to Rob’s house. Anyway, let’s welcome Captain(?) Roger Walker to the comic. He apparently has some connection to Myles (Rob’s yet to be seen rival/nemesis). As you may have noticed, it appears Roger has some intel regarding Rob. Maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him. As for that agent of Myles… well we’re just going to have to wait and learn more…

Comic Process Stuff:

So, since I am just getting used to drawing these characters, I want to say this page didn’t turn out exactly the way I was planning. Whenever I look at a finished page, I can always notice things, that I could have done differently/”better.” But I think I’m learning from all this, so hopefully things will continue to get “better.”

The real challenge for this page was that I was trying to do a lot of new things: drawing new characters, drawing a new setting (it was nice to finally get out of that yard!), and I even tried to change the way I colored the comic (which I sort of lost a bunch of time trying to do it right).

While I may be violating my “No Edits (except where absolutely necessary)” rule, I may touch up this page a bit and re-upload it. Then again, I guess I can always just remember to do that stuff for the next page. We’ll see!

Anyway, my schedule’s been a little destroyed from this week so… next page in about a week.