Comic Process Stuff:

This page took a REALLY long time for me to make, so I hope you like it (I know I do!). I took some time this weekend to follow a coloring tutorial that Anthony Clark of made a couple years ago (he makes some of the best comics! Go read all of them now!). As one would expect, learning a new way to do things, plus needing to add a couple steps to my method slowed me down a bit, but I think it was really worth it!

Story Stuff:

So we’re learning a bit more about some of the characters’ motivations. Apparently Captain(?) Roger Walker has been hired by Myles to get Rob back into robotics again. He definitely needs something…but what? Maybe we’ll find out soon!

Important Stuff:

Just giving you a heads-up: I have one more page planned for this chapter, then we’re going to have an intermission of sorts. During that time, I’ll post mini-comics and supplemental fun things while I work out all the details of the next chapter (I do a lot of the writing work at the beginning of a chapter so I can at least have a rough mental image of the pages I’m going to draw).

I’ll probably take this time to clean up the site a bit and maybe update the title banner and stuff, since I wouldn’t say it really representative of my art at the moment. More on all this soon though.


I hope you like how this page turned out, I know it looks a lot better than I expected it would!