Sorry for the unexpectedly long hiatus, a lot of things (good and not so good) have been going on lately. As for good, there has been a wedding and some other family functions that I’ve needed (and wanted) to attend. As for the bad, well, it’s nothing serious, I just haven’t been feeling my best recently, so that coupled with a little bit of artistic frustration has made it hard to keep up with all the drawing I want to do. Which brings me to my next point…

I’ve decided to continue to experiment with black and white comics for now. Honestly, it allows me to finish pages a lot more quickly, which means a couple things. For one, I can have more time to practice drawing! Also, and probably more importantly for you guys, it should allow me to start to getting ahead on the comic and generating a comic buffer so life’s little distractions shouldn’t interfere as much with my update schedule.

Anyway, I’m really going to start making a push to get better at drawing and storytelling. Seeing Pixar’s Brave this past weekend seriously re-inspired me. It’s always sort of been a dream of mine to get into animation (storyboarding in particular), I’ve always loved it and wanted to somehow be a part of it. I suppose I never really thought I could actually do it, so I never tried. But that’s one of the reason’s I started this comic: I figured it would be a fun way to get me to practice telling stories in a sequential fashion as well as (hopefully) making me a better artist along the way!

Anyway, I’m I think that’s all I’ve got for now. We should be back to a regular update schedule again. Until next time, enjoy!


Oh, and for those of you who want to read the holographic projection slide in the first panel, here’s what it says:

myRobot: Fruit Sheriff

  • Function: Stocks produce section
  • Will service full supemarkets by Q4
  • Cognitive Type: Hive Mind Alpha
  • OMG Robot Abs
  • Release date Q1 20XX

And yes, the slide being projected is in Arial, because that’s still a thing the the future…

Oh, and projection technology is the coolest thing since touch screens in this story, you’ll see!