As promised! Another page more or less on time!

What’s new, this time? Well, for one, Molly got a little bit of a makeover… as in: I’m going to try to start drawing her hair as curly as opposed to as mashed potatoes. I always pictured her with curly red hair (this was WAAAY before I even knew about Brave (which is a beautiful movie, go watch it)), but curly hair is really hard to draw (so is everything else…?).

But yeah, as you probably figured out by now, Molly is very impatient when it comes to advancing her dream of becoming the greatest robopsychologist ever… but also just in general.

Anyway, I hope you’re liking the comic in black and white, its been an interesting and fun new challenge for myself. It also allows me to work faster which in turn gives me more time to experiment with my art. So… expect me to continue to try things out!