Hey, I’m back! There’s been so much stuff to take care of around here that it’s been hard to get enough time to get any comicking done (it’s so sad!). To celebrate my return, I decided to do something special with this page: I inked it on paper! (as opposed to directly in Photoshop) (Oh and maybe you noticed: it’s in color too!). In fact, I totally reversed my usual process for this page; specifically, I did my pencils in Photoshop and the inks on paper.

Comic Process Stuff:

There’s something really satisfying about inking a page on paper (which is good because it’s the most difficult step for me and I’m not particularly skilled at it yet). What’s also cool about it is that now I have a physical piece of actual artwork as a result of doing all this work!

Another cool thing of inking on paper is the fact that I can more easily vary the linewidths on the things I draw. While obviously not impossible in Photoshop, I find it to be more difficult.

So anyway, I’m going to experiment with my inking more for now, since I really want to learn to do it well (heh, and even learn to enjoy it…). Also, as long as it’s reasonable, I’m going to try and keep this thing in color. I really think I like it better that way.

Story Stuff:

As you can see from the page, this scene take place one year in the past (right before Rob’s graduation) at Boston BossTown University’s Engineering Fortress. The school got this name shortly after it became the headquarters for the masters of the different martial arts of the BattleFight Health League (a program started to encourage students to be more physically active, but more on this later). As a neat little side note, this is the same building that Molly was sitting in class on the previous pages.

Ok, so I’m super-tired and need to wake up early, but I figured I’d point out that this is the first actual appearance of Myles!


I hope you enjoy the page! Hopefully I’ll have a regular schedule sometime soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience!