Wow, it sure has been a long time! Sorry for the hiatus, but I think I’ve finally got everything under control again (haha, famous last words…). So yeah, I worked out a schedule that should allow me to resume with my Monday updates again. If I’m diligent, I’ll try to have bonus updates too!

So, what’s new? It looks like we have a brand new title banner on the site (it was about time we got rid of that old one). Looking back on the old banner as well as rereading the comic, it was really cool to see how much my art had changed so far. I mean, it was pretty tough for me to look at, but that’s normal: I believe it means that I’m making progress!

What else? So I guess this concludes Rob’s dream where he remembers his last encounter with Myles, his nemesis. In case you missed it on the previous page, this event takes place a year in the past. I guess it’s a good thing he hasn’t heard anything about Myles since then. No news is good news, right? Right?

Anyway that’s it for now. Expect a new comic next Monday! See you then!