Hey, sorry for the delay on the page. I was working close to 12 hour days for most of the week, while battling a bit of insomnia, so… fun times. But excuses excuses…

Anyway, I’m still drawing the comic digitally and it been working out fine so far. I’m still an incredibly slow artist though, but I’m hoping that will improve with time and practice.

For you eagle-eyed readers out there who happen to be paying super close attention to the comic, you’ll notice that Oscar’s table is a different color. I just thought it would look better this way. And no, I will not go back to edit it for consistency. I won’t. I’ve got a strict no edit policy (unless necessary for spelling, clarity, etc) and I’m sticking to it! And it’s my comic; I rule this tiny little corner of the fictional universe! Ahahah– ok, I need to get some sleep….


PS: More buildings need rooftop gardens like that building in panel 1.