So, of all the pages I’ve drawn so far, this page took the least amount of time to create. This is mostly because I added zero background detail, which may just be a punishable offense in some places, but I had my reasons.

See, I was playing around with new brush settings over the weekend and found one or two that might work pretty nicely (see for yourself). I toned down the detail for this page because I wanted to see what it would look like in my comic format and I didn’t want to risk making everything look terrible if it didn’t work out. I don’t have a ton of time to experiment, so a lot of these tests just show up in my comic pages. Robot Rumba is largely a learning experiment for me, but counting on your tests to be your finished product is generally a Risky Move.

Anyway, this page took basically half the time to make (let’s say 4 hours, after accounting for distractions). At that rate, if I did nothing but comics, I could probably get 3-4 pages done in a weekend! Sadly(?), I don’t really have any desire to sacrifice quality for quantity, so, I’ll probably revert to my old brush and slower comic production (sorry!).

Let me know if you think this brush style is an improvement though, and maybe I’ll reconsider. Although the differences are probably barely susceptible until you’ve stared at this page as long as I have…

Until next week!