Sorry for another delayed update, but it’s still Monday, right? So this page took a lot longer for me than I expected (I probably shouldn’t have waited until the last minute to actually write the character descriptions…). Just so you know, the character that don’t have a last name will get one eventually; the hardest thing in the world for me is probably coming up with non-stupid names (Dear my future children: I’m sorry).

But yeah! You guys finally have a cast page for the comic (about time!)! I thought It would be a good idea to make this to help transition from the comic’s plot to my VERY BRIEF sabbatical (as a constant reminder, I will continue to post things, but the comic itself will, continue in no more than 3 weeks. I PROMISE!).

I hope you guys like this, I know it’s a lot of text, but I kind of wanted to do this to sort of take a snapshot of where the characters are right now. I’m considering doing something like this every so often to show how the characters develop in time. It would also be a good opportunity for me to do more creative things with it, not this wall of text madness.

Anyway, hopefully you guys like this, it was kind of fun (and a surprising amount of work) to make. I’ll put a copy of this page in the appropriate place on the website too, for future reference. Also, there is a slight chance I may make some edits/improvements to this page at some point.