Well, you guys this is it. Photoshop is mysteriously broken forever and my tablet pops in and out when it feels like it. We had a good run with this thing. I hope you liked it. Maybe I’ll even keep drawing stuff. *SIGH*

Ok, but seriously, everything went bad at the same time RIGHT before I finished the page. I’ve been working the issue for like 2 hours now and at least I sort of have my tablet working again. This is incredibly frustrating. (I’m typing as politely as I can, but underneath this mostly levelheaded demeanor is all sorts of anger and cursing. You wouldn’t believe it. Ok maybe you would. Whatever.)

Anyway, I hope I’ll get this all straightened out tomorrow (or at least eventually). I’m gonna go hide in my bed and cry myself to sleep now.

[UPDATE!]: Looks like things are working again! (For now!)