When did this comic start?

It all started on Friday, March 11th 2011.

How often does this comic update?

Every Monday. Also, whenever else I can manage.

How did you come up with “evildanceparty” as a name?


Do you have any artistic background?

I may have taken a drawing course once, back in high school, but i’t always sketched and doodled. One day I decided to get serious about improving my skills so I bought a sketch book and started trying to draw every day (that’s really the secret right there). I try and learn from other artists (there’s a lot of talent out there!) in hopes of learning new ways of working and to better refine my own style. I took a script writing course (for comics) at Emerson College back in October of 2008. It was really helpful for me since it got me to develop my current way of planning out pages.


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